Vittoria's research, testing and practical experience show that  wide rim profiles combined with wide tire diameters improve certain characteristics such as stiffness of the wheels and rolling resistance compared to traditional narrow rim profiles. All Vittoria wheels benefit from these R+D results.

The width of the Vittora Elusion rims is 23 mm, the height is 26 mm up front and 28 mm out rear wheel. Thanks to the rear rim's off-center design and the 14:7 spoke pattern the spoke tension on both sides of the wheel is the same. Thus riders may expect extraordinary stiffnes plus the oversized flange on the drive side will give perfect transmission of power to the wheel.

The SwitchIt® freehub can be changed without tool and hub maintenance can be done very easily.

  • 16 spokes front, 21 rear (14:7)
  • rim's height 26 mm front, 28 mm rear, width 23 mm (17.5 x 23  C)
  • oversized 80 m flange on the drive side
  • SwitchIt® freehub for cassette change without tool 
  • pre-installed tubeless rim tape
  • Vittoria recommends 25 mm tires (700C)
  • 1680 g
What's in box:

  • Pair of wheels
  • Skewers
  • Wheels bags for safe storage and transportation


Vittoria Elusion

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